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Need Prayer? We’ll Pray For You!

Welcome to the website of Stgeo. Our desire is that you will witness God’s amazing work in this local community of believers as you browse this site. There are several churches in the area. I believe the most of them are proclaiming the gospel and attempting to reach out to lost souls. The differences between Stgeo and those churches may appear little to us, but they are significant to them.

The Gospel, we think, is for everyone. “To those who believe, he granted the ability to become sons and daughters of God,” the Bible states.

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Join Our Bible Study Group!

We invite anyone and everyone to attend our Sunday gatherings to study bible together.

what we do

Our Mission

Help the Poor

Upstream seeks out people that are impacting the world around them but lack the necessities to further their work.

Save Animals

Whenever you feel low and depressed, come and volunteer for our charity programs. You will find peace at work!

Serve the World

Education is an integral part of people’s lives and therefore, is an imprescriptible part of our Church and community.