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Must-Have Features For Driver App

You must have a mobile-friendly solution to your company to remain competitive in the market. Over the past couple of years, technology has changed dramatically. There are many developments popping up everywhere. That includes taxis. It is possible to distinguish yourself from others who are considering launching their own version, despite the competition from lower-cost transport companies like Uber or rental car businesses with similar features and superior customer service.

There are numerous kinds of taxi apps available in the marketplace. One type of app is for established businesses that are in need of help. This app allows customers to book rides and grow the number of customers they serve. Additionally, it helps drivers to find fares more quickly than ever before.

The developers realized that passengers and drivers have different requirements, so they created two apps. This allows for more customized features, and gives users the opportunity to get precisely what you want with no interruptions.

The Driver Apps Must-Have Features

A key element to maintaining customer loyalty in the taxi industry is to ensure that drivers are in complete control of their applications. Driver-friendly features can help new and existing customers be more productive on the job without having to worry and, in turn, improve service quality.

Vehicle Tracking System

The drivers prefer using mobile apps that reduce their efforts and offer best practices. The GPS tracking system tracks the location of passengers, once they’ve given their consent it is easy for drivers to locate them when they need them.

Button It is available

Drivers are now able to make use of their smartphones to signal they are open to any new requests , or to pick up any information. This means they’ll be informed immediately whenever there’s a new request and will have the option of locating a replacement fare with all necessary information like the address.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can now evaluate their overall performance versus other riders and gather important statistics on their journeys. You will also be able to view feedback from other riders and identify whether there are positive or negative remarks.

SMS and Email Alerts

The taxis will receive important messages from their customers via SMS or email alerts. They can also transmit messages to the cabs via email or SMS. The interface is simple and easy to use.

Begin/End the Ride

The easiest way to locate your destination is with maps. It will also show you the drop-off and pick-up points which make it easier for everyone participants.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

The user will be informed within a few seconds when the driver agrees or denies their request to transport. If the driver is unable to respond within 15-30 minutes of receiving the notification on the app, it means that there aren’t any vehicles in the area that are able to be able to transport them.

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